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The Crypto Vibes is your go-to informational hub to the Cryptocurrency world and community-driven, early-stage venture capital.

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Who are we?

A YouTube channel all about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

Crypto Vibes is also a venture firm that invests, incubates, and accelerates early-stage Blockchain and Crypto projects.
At Crypto Vibes, our committed team and driven community believe that decentralization is the cornerstone of blockchain technology. Our team is highly selective, and we support the early-stage projects in reaching their maximum potential.

We will assist in every stage of the project’s development cycle from its incubation to its launch and beyond.

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We’re a passionate team of crypto enthusiasts with extensive start-up and technology experience, as well as many years of experience in the blockchain.

Our main goal is to become a global leader in providing the best and unique projects to our community of investors while making the barrier of seed investment as low as possible.

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Research & Analysis

Research for project with real impact & use-case in industry.


We believe in fundamentals of projects so we support the projects in long run to reach their projected goals.


Using our community of investors, we help the projects to raise the required capital.
Our Services

Research & Analysis

Fundamental and in-depth analysis of promising projects that have real impact & use-case in the industry.

Strategic Advice

We will connect you with valuable connections that can fuel your project to the moon.


We believe in the fundamentals of projects so we support the projects in long run to reach their projected goals.


We help our partners with marketing and external exposure using our socials and other KOL connections.


We make sure to generate the required funds through our community and our connections.


We publicize our partnership to set achieve the success of the project together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Crypto Vibes is your go-to informational YouTube hub to the Cryptocurrency World and a community-driven, early stage venture capital. We help to invest in early/starting stage of potential blockchain companies.

Community Driven in our terms stands for something that is run by and for the community. As the community word suggests, any person can invest in the projects that are in deal with Crypto Vibes Ventures.

Blockhain is a decentralized way of storing and accessing data. There is no way to tamper with the data stored in the blockchain. Every industry will adopt blockchain in future. We believe that blockchain will be the major contributor in Web 3.0.

After doing some research we select and make deals with the projects, after that we announce to the community and allow people to invest if they want to. But we highly suggest people to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any project.

Large capital firms and some big influencers with connections can easily invest in projects at IDO stage but common people with less capital and no connections cannot invest in projects at the early stages. Crypto Vibes Ventures is formed to solve all these problems and help common people.

The Ultimate aim of Crypto Vibes Ventures is to allow everyone to invest in every project (associated with Crypto Vibes Ventures) regardless of their investment size.

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